English is becoming more and more important these days. One almost can not survive without it. And I want to develop and go up. I found the right people and hope to be up and going soon. (Marta) I live in Germany and I am in the IT business now, but when I was at school I used to come to Poland every summer to study English under Petra's owner's directions. Only today do I fully understand how much I got than. (Gregor, Germany)
I have great plans for my future. I want to get job with an international company, But how could I possibly do that not being able to speak English? Those guys at Petra set me on the right track. Now I am ready to start.They are great. (Mariola) Even in German schools I could not realy learn English. But I found Him in Poland. Couple of summers spent with Petra's founder and here I am. Today I use my English to study Theology. There are so many books in English I can read now. Thank you. (Karl, Germany)